Maitake • Shiitake • Hericium erinaceous • Reishi
Contains only the mycelia of mushrooms
Supports the natural resistance

Biotona Bio Fung-Immun Raw is a sublime complex of 100% natural and biological powders made from the mycelia of mushrooms. These include Maitake, Shiitake, Hericium erinaceus (or lion’s mane) and Reishi•, which offer protection against external influences and help to increase bodily resistance. Biotona Fung-Immune consists exclusively of the mycelia of mushrooms, which are the root-like filament networks that contain the largest quantities of β-glucans. The fungi are cultivated under strictly monitored conditions on an allergen-free and gluten-free substrate of brown rice. After harvesting, they are processed by means of cold-drying and grinding, in order to protect their heat-sensitive enzymes and to break down the chitin fibres, which assists smooth digestion. It is recommended to take Biotona Fung-Immun in short cures; for example, one week each month.

Milk thistle • yellow root • dandelion • wheatgrass juice • fennel • Yacon • stinging nettle • artichoke • chlorella
Biotona Bio Phyto-Detox® is a synergistic mix of 100% biological plant powders, dried in the open air. The seeds of the Mary thistle support the detoxifying and purifying action of the liver. Curcuma or yellow root enhances fat digestion. Chlorella is an ancient, unicellular freshwater alga with an intense green colour (resulting from its high levels of chlorophyll). This alga is also packed with phytonutrients. The same is true of wheat grass juice powder. Nettle and dandelion root assist internal purification and fennel seed helps to reduce that bloated feeling after eating. Yacon, or Bolivian sunroot, contains more than 40% inulin (soluble fibres). Artichoke leaves support the liver and enhance detoxification. Biotona Phyto-Detox® is a recommended addition to our daily diet, which is often high-fat and digestively heavy. It can also be used for a detoxifying cure.

Chlorella, meaning ‘little green leaf’ is an ancient, single-cell, fresh water alga, with a bright green colour caused by its high levels of chlorophyll. In addition, chlorella is also naturally rich in numerous phytonutrients, as well as being an excellent natural source of proteins with a good balance of amino acids. Spirulina is a blue-green, spiral-shaped salt water alga, which has been used as a source of nutrition for more than a thousand years. This alga is packed with phytonutrients and is the most concentrated source of protein (up to 70%) on earth. Spirulina helps to sustain the tonus and general vitality. Biotona Bio Chlorella + Spirulina Raw is derived from algae that are 100% biologically cultivated. After harvesting, they are dehydrated through a superior drying process, so that their full nutritional value is retained.

100% organic dried berries
Physalis • goji berry • cranberry • pomegranate • white mulberry • blueberry

Biotona Bio SuperBerries is a sublime multi-coloured mixture of dried berries. The 100% organic berries in Biotona Bio SuperBerries undergo strict selection procedures before being dried. They make a delicious snack for any age, packed full of vitamins and phytonutrients! The American Wild Blueberry is a bushy plant which grows in Canada and in the north-east of the United States. The North American cranberry is a small bright red fruit that is very acidic. Orange-red goji berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 3,000 years. The Physalis peruviana or Inca berry, a sweet-and-sour delicacy, is native to the Amazon region of South America. The sweet, white mulberry grows in sub-tropical climates. Pomegranate, sometimes known as the paradise fruit, contains over 400 bright red, pulp-like seeds with a refreshingly bitter flavour.

Barley grass juice • wheatgrass juice • oat grass juice • moringa • KAMUT® khorasangrass juice • Matcha • alfalfa juice • kale • spinach • broccoli • chlorella • spirulina • Seagreens® seaweed • Seagreens® bladderwrack • watercress
Biotona Bio Supergreens Raw is a superior mix of only the very best biological and green raw superfoods! The mix consists of 100% pure green food sources, each with its own range of phytonutrients and other naturally present nutritional substances. Biotona Supergreens contains the powder of juices made from wheat grass, oat grass, lucerne, kamut® khorasan grass juice and barley grass. In addition, the mix contains chlorella and spirulina, two super-algae that are also an ideal and complete source of nourishment, thanks to their excellent nutritional composition, rich in proteins. Other ingredients include the freeze-dried powder of broccoli, kale and spinach, that are packed with valuable nutritional elements, and seaweeds from Scotland (Seagreens® bladderwrack and knotted wrack), each with a wide and unique nutritional profile. Biotona Supergreens is completed with added pure Matcha (excellent green tea from Japan), watercress, cultivated in pure spring water and the leafes of Moringa oleifera, which is deservedly named a “wonder tree”.

45% raw cocoa – no refined sugars
Healthy cocoa drink for children and adults

Healthy can also be tasty – and Biotona Bio MacaQuik® proves it! This delicious superfood mix is used to make a cacao drink, enriched with maca, guaranteeing you carefree and healthy drinking pleasure. Lightly sweetened with Canadian maple sugar and lucuma and containing 45% raw cacao powder – a real contrast to most ordinary cacao drinks, which often contain very little cacao and far too many (refined) sugars (up to 75%). Biotona Bio MacaQuik® also has raw Peruvian maca powder, ground from a tuber that grows in the Andes mountains at a height of 4,000 metres – which is not the most obvious place for plants to thrive. To survive in these extreme conditions, maca produces large quantities of protective substances. Thanks to this unique composition, maca also stimulates general resistance and vitality. MacaQuik® also contains a mix of all the goodness from coconut, which helps to make the drink extra creamy. A superfood treat for young and old alike!

Detox & health of the liver
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) owes its name to the milky-white veins in its leaves, which in olden times was believed to be mother’s milk spilled from the Virgin Mary. The seeds from the thistle have been used since antiquity for their hepato-protective properties. Biotona Bio Milk Thistle supports the cleansing and detoxifying action of the liver and is therefore ideal as part of a detox cure. The phytonutrients in the seeds protect the liver and stimulate a normal sugar metabolism. The thistles are grown 100% organically. Directly after harvesting and selection, the seeds are dried and processed into a powder.

Fruit body & mycelia
Supports the natural resistance

Biotona Bio Reishi Complete Raw is a 100% natural and biological powder of reishi, a flat-headed mushroom with a shiny surface. This edible mushroom has been used for thousands of years in Asian countries, as a protection against exterior influences and also to increase bodily resistance. Biotona Bio Reishi complete contains both the characteristically bitter fruiting body and the mycelium (the mass of branching, thread-like hyphae) of the mushroom. The mycelia and the mushrooms are grown in strictly controlled conditions and are guaranteed to be free of all toxic substances and heavy metals. It is recommended to take Biotona Bio Reishi complete in short cures; for example, one week each month.

Inner health – outside beauty
Biotona Bio Skin Food Raw is a synergistic mix of 35 valuable superfoods! Biotona Skin food contains the raw powders of aloe vera gel, nettle, sea buckthorn and turmeric, which all keep your skin healthy. The freeze-dried powders of gotu kola and nettle also help to ensure better blood flow to the skin. Biotona Skin food is made complete by the addition of pure matcha and blueberries, which give your skin a fresh and youthful glow. The mixture also contains powdered pineapple, kale, cacao, goji, pomegranate, purple corn, papaya, red beet, rosehip, tomato, four types of mycelia of mushrooms and the powders of the very best superberries in the world. Every ingredient is 100% biologically grown and processed into powder with a technique that preserves all the naturally present (phyto)nutrients!

Maca • Siberian ginseng • guarana • goji • camu camu • Matcha • cinnamon • Korean ginseng • rose root • cocoa • green maté • ginger
Biotona Bio Superboost contains Korean and Siberian ginseng (eleutherococcus), which support both mental and physical performance, especially during busy and stressful periods. Like rhodiola, maca contributes to vitality and endurance. Pure Matcha (green tea from Japan), green mate and guarana all give you an instant boost of energy. In addition, this mix contains the raw powder of camu camu fruits. The raw cacao powder from Peru is a pure powder of Criollo beans, which is obtained by cold compression of fermented beans. Goji berries are a bitter-sweet delicacy that is increasingly attracting the attention of nutritional scientists. Biotona Superboost is made fully complete, thanks to the inclusion of cinnamon and ginger, which add some extra zest and taste to the mix, as well as contributing to vitality.

70% fibres
Baobab • acacia • hemp • coconut • psyllium husks • prickly pear cactus

Biotona Bio Superfibres is a sublime complex made from 100% natural, organic and vegetable fibre sources. Soluble fibres contribute to the functioning of the intestines, while insoluble fibres regulate intestinal passage. The main ingredient of Biotona Superfibres is a fully natural dietary fibre derived from a 100% pure gum of the Acacia senegal tree. This contains a minimum of 90% of soluble fibres in the form of arabinogalactans (polysaccharides). Biotona Superfibres also contains insoluble fibres from coconut flour, hemp seeds and cactus fig leaves. The dried fruit pulp of the African baobab tree contains both soluble and insoluble fibres, as well as (phyto)nutrients. Powder made from psyllium or plantago husks (with more than 80% fibre content) is capable of absorbing up to fifty times its own weight.

White & black sesame • sunflower • pumpkin • buckwheat • broccoli • brown millet • alfalfa • red quinoa • oats
Biotona Bio SuperSprouts Raw is a superior mix of the sprouted organic seeds of buckwheat, broccoli, brown millet, oat, alfalfa, pumpkin, sunflower; red quinoa, white and black sesame. After thorough washing, the seeds are allowed to germinate on platters for 1 to 2 days under monitored conditions. Germination releases the hidden life forces in the seeds and invests them with many positive characteristics. In addition, sprouting seeds are much easier to digest. After sprouting they are dried for 24 hours at a maximum temperature of 42°C. Biotona’s processing of the seeds guarantees the very highest quality, whilst at the same time retaining all the most crucial nutrients and vitamins. This processing technique should not be compared with the standard commercial processing of seeds and cereals, where temperatures up to 100°C are often used. Its organic cultivation and the highly specific processing technique mean that Biotona SuperSprouts is tasty and crunchy.

Natural & slow sugars
Coconut blossom sugar • lucuma • yacon

Biotona Bio SuperSweet is a 100% organic alternative for refined sugar, which can add a healthy and delightfully sweet touch to all your (superfood) recipes. Coconut blossom sugar is a brown, caramel-like sugar, traditionally prepared by means of slowly cooking the white, honey-sweet juice of coconut flowers harvested from high up in the trees. Coconut blossom sugar also has a low glycemic index (35), so that it releases its supply of energy slowly, thereby avoiding harmful blood sugar peaks. Biotona SuperSweet contains raw lucuma powder from Peruvian fruits, which have a deliciously sweet taste. The raw powder of the yacon not only contains more than 40% inulin (fructo-oligosaccharides), but also has a unique and delightfully sweet flavour, making Biotona SuperSweet a perfect alternative sweetener, bursting with phytonutrients.

Biotona Bio Moringa Raw is made from the leaves of the Moringa oleifera, a fast-growing tree that thrives on dry, sandy soils in (sub) tropical regions. Because almost every part of the tree can serve as food (ingredient), it is deservedly named a “wonder tree”. Even in the Ayurveda, the traditional canon of Indian medicine, moringa is described as a natural remedy for numerous diseases. Moringa was recently rediscovered by science and the Western world, and is now regarded by many as the most ideal and complete food source on earth. Moringa leaves have a wide nutritional profile, are rich in proteins and are packed with phytonutrients. Biotona Moringa is made from 100% organic moringa leaves which, after harvest and careful washing, are dehydrated so that their full nutritional value is retained.

Biotona Bio Beginner’s Matcha is a refined green tea that comes from Japan. This top product from the centuries-old Japanese tea culture was for a long time intended only for the privileged classes. Matcha is made exclusively from young tea leaves, which are plucked by hand in the traditional manner. The tea plants are covered with sheets 2 weeks before this harvest to provide them with shade. This processing and the biological method of growing result in a flavoursome tea, with a spring green colour and a lightly bitter taste. This Beginner’s Matcha is an ideal way to become acquainted with the world of Matcha, before progressing to the more refined blends.

Biotona Bio Superior Matcha is a refined green tea that comes from Japan. This top product from the centuries-old Japanese tea culture was for a long time intended only for the privileged classes. Matcha is made exclusively from young tea leaves, which are plucked by hand in the traditional manner at the end of May (first harvest). The tea plants are covered with sheets 3-4 weeks before this harvest to provide them with shade. The harvested leaves are ground to an ultra-fine powder by granite mill stones. This processing and the biological method of growing result in an excellent tea, with a bright green colour and a sweet, ‘umami’ flavour.

The cranberry    which originally comes from North America, is a small, bitter, dark red fruit, which grows profusely on spreading shrubs that thrive in the poor soils of heathlands. Biotona Bio Cranberry has been concentrated five times. It is delicious as a healthy topping, as an ingredient in smoothies and shakes in combination with other superfoods, or as a refreshing drink when mixed with a glass of plain or sparkling water.

Noni (Morinda citrifolia) grows in the wild on small evergreen trees that flourish along the coasts of islands in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The oval, green fruits can reach a size of 12 cm and have an uneven surface. The local populations of these islands have long been familiar with the health-giving properties of noni. The fruits are matured for 2 to 4 weeks before they are processed into juice. Noni enhances the body’s natural resistance and improves both physical and mental performance.

Seabuckthorn grows naturally in the sandy and salt-rich soils of Northern and Western Europe, as well as Central Asia. The shrubs always grow in open spaces, where there is plenty of sunlight. From August to September, the buckthorn is covered with bright orange and bitter-tasting berries, whose beneficial properties have been known for centuries. Buckthorn berries contain oil in both their pips and their flesh. This oil enhances the body’s natural resistance and helps to keep skin looking healthy and young. It is important to eat a varied and balanced diet and to lead a healthy way of life.

Goji • mangosteen • aronia • black mulberry • cranberry • pomegranate • European & American blueberry
Biotona Bio Superfruit forte is a cocktail of different (concentrated) super-juices. It contains the juice of several super-berries, such as aronia, black mulberry, goji and delicious mangosteen puree. The addition of the concentrated juices of elderberry, pomegranate and both European and American blueberries ensures an extra boost of vitality. Biotona Bio Superfruit forte is a delicious supplement to a healthy and balanced diet.

Biotona Bio Agave syrup is made from the sap of Agave tequilana, a succulent plant that originates from Mexico. It is a natural sugar substitute and has a high fructose content. As a result, this syrup is sweeter than ordinary table sugar, but with a lower glycemic index.

Biotona Bio Coconut blossom syrup is made from the nectar of the blossoms of Cocos nucifera. The blossom itself is left in place, so that the palm can still produce its coconuts. This natural sugar substitute has an intense caramel flavour.

Biotona Bio Veggie Protein Raw is an optimal complex of high-quality vegetable proteins. It provides a complete spectrum of amino acids with its combination of concentrated protein fraction extracted from brown rice (which has an amino acid profile very similar to mothers’ milk) and protein powder made from peas and hemp seeds. Biotona Veggie Protein has been developed to meet the daily protein requirements of vegetarians, vegans and sport-lovers, as well anyone else who is keen to make use of an alternative, vegetable and high-quality protein source to supplement their daily protein intake. Each 15 g portion of Biotona Veggie Protein contains approximately 2,5 - 3 g of BCAA’s. BCAA’s make up approximately 40% of our bodily proteins. They are absorbed directly into the circulation system and can be easily integrated into muscle tissue.

About 100 years ago, farmers in Styria (Austria) discovered a pumpkin with seeds without a shell. The seeds are dark-green in colour and have an intense flavour. Biotona Bio Pumpkin Protein Raw is a bright-green powder made from these shell-less pumpkin seeds. A rich oil is first pressed from the seeds and the ‘cake’ that is left over is dried and finely ground. This process results in a protein-rich powder (up to 65%) and guarantees not only the retention of all the most important nutrients but also the intense colour and taste. Biotona Bio Pumpkin Protein powder is obtained without extraction and exclusively through mechanical treatment of the seeds. It is a perfect supplement for a protein-rich diet and an ideal alternative for sportsmen and women or for everyone seeking a vegetable source of protein.

Wild hemp plants have been cultivated for thousands of years. Pressed hemp seeds provide a rich oil for use in the kitchen. When dried and finely ground, the cake that is left over after the pressing provides a powder that is extremely rich in proteins (up to 50%). The 100% organic and raw Biotona Hemp Protein is made without the use of chemical products, being extracted from the hemp seeds by a purely mechanical process. It is an ideal alternative for sportsmen and women, as part of a protein-rich diet or for anyone else who is interested in finding a highly nutritional and vegetable source of proteins. Biotona Bio Hemp Protein Raw is extracted from hemp varieties that are specially grown for use as foodstuffs.

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