Organic Essence

The Most Meaningful Social Justice is Environmental Responsibility
Organic Essence believes that the most meaningful social justice is environmental responsibility. Tangible social justice you can hold in your hand, rather than just spending guilt money on hollow marketing schemes. Organic Essence is trailblazing a responsible path for everyone to follow. We must reduce the chemicals and plastic and live within our environmental means. Environmental responsibility not only improves our personal health but makes a huge contribution to poor people everywhere and for generations to come.
BEYOND NATURAL: At Organic Essence, we’re beyond “natural” and “conventional” with our USDA Certified Organic body care products. We source the highest quality ingredients from organic farms and suppliers. And, we share your concerns for the environment and future generations with our “Packaging for Life” commitment.


Argiletz values
Argiletz is respectful of humans and nature. Each day, we implement new control processes and technologies so that our products can meet even more demanding standards. We were the first manufacturer of natural, organic products to obtain the Standard ISO 9001 in 2007. Our products are controlled in partnership by the IRM (Institute for Microbiological Research) approved by the Cofrac (French Committee for Laboratory Accreditation). We work in partnership with the INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) and CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) in order to improve fundamental research on clay. Therefore, we respect what the Earth offers.
We constantly reinvent, innovate and share: Argiletz creates new experiences with clay. We draw inspiration from our history and imagination to invent the body cares of the future,
Clay is a generous material. When mixed with water, clay regenerates in surprising textures. Clay purifies and reveals your beauty when in contact with your skin. Clay fortifies and soothes when in contact with your body. The gestures are passed on, they connect youth with elders. Argiletz sustains and shares those gestures.


Organic Sun care products?
Thanks to 100% natural mineral sunscreens, 100% natural organically produced vegetable oils, and thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera gel which soothe and nourish the skin. To avoid over-packaging, the bottles and labels are environmentally friendly (vegetable inks, recyclable bottles). Biosolis’ lab and suppliers are in constant search of ingredients and solutions that guarantee protection, safety, efficiency, and respect for the environment.
Loyal to its mission, Biosolis does not use any petrochemical products (free from silicone oils, paraffins, and synthetic fragrances) in its formulas. The sunscreens that are essential in protecting our skin from the sun are of natural origin. Thanks to current biotechnology, Biosolis uses quality active ingredients that are clean and pollutant-free, and respectful of our skin and our planet.
 Biosolis works with the certification agencies Ecocert  Greenlife and the Cosmebio association, who carefully certify the selected ingredients as well as their formulas.
Further, all Biosolis SPF and UVA ratings are inspected by an independent laboratory, and comply with European COLIPA and American (FDA) sun protection regulations. 

Phresh Greens

“Maintaining Health…Not Sickness”
pHresh greens® is made with 16 ingredients that were carefully selected for their highly alkalizing properties. It is made with all organic ingredients, freez dried or extracts, ensuring that you will get all the benefits of the ingredients without any harmful chemicals, additives, or fillers. pHresh greens® is also gluten free, animal free, Non-GMO


Biotona guarantees 100% natural and organic superfoods
Health, quality and sustainability are Biotona’s core values. This is reflected in our passion for constant innovation and our never-ending desire to find new and high-quality natural ingredients.
The new health trend for raw and organic superfoods first arrived in Europe from America during the early years of the 21st century. This led in 2013 to the setting up of the Biotona brand in Belgium, which made a fine and scientifically substantiated selection of superfoods available to European consumers. Superfoods are concentrated and (freeze-) dried fruits, seeds and plants (or parts of plants) that are packed with phytonutrients, making them highly nutritional and beneficial for our health.
Of course, the basis for a healthy life continues to be a healthy, complete and balanced diet. We all know that eating fresh fruit and vegetables is healthy, yet even so many people still fail to consume their recommended five portions per day. Biotona can help to put this right. Our products support a healthy life style by offering a complete range of premium superfoods that are an easy way to add an extra-healthy and delicious boost to your daily diet. They are the perfect supplement to your normal daily intake of fruit and veg!
Biotona premium raw & organic superfoods are:
, ‘Raw’ or ‘living’ food is a form of nutrition that has undergone only minimal processing. During the preparation/production, the temperature always remains around body temperature, which guarantees the preservation of all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.  100% pure, using controlled organic cultivation for a maximum of quality and durability and a minimum of human and environmental impact. — Certified Vegan®, without any animal ingredients, not genetically engineered.  Gluten and cholesterol free No preservatives, additives, flavourings, colourings, sweetening or fillers!

Nova Scotia Fisherman X-treme Skin Care

Our Beliefs (What we stand for) 
Today, Nova Scotia Fisherman makes a full line of natural skin care & body care products, in Nova Scotia. There are no added preservatives, artificial colours, artificial scents, and no animal testing used in any of our products.
We use only certified organic natural oils. We infuse all of our skin care products with powerful Atlantic Sea Kelp, harvested locally from one of the richest marine ecosystems on Earth, The Bay of Fundy. 
Our lotions and soaps use no animal products and are vegan friendly, while our balms use natural beeswax. 
We believe in protecting our environment. We proudly support the Nature Conservancy of Canada as they protect our lands within our beautiful country. 
Why is making product consciously important to us?  
It's a maritime, fisherman way. Having pride in your work, pride in your lands, and pride in your heritage, is a way of life in Atlantic Canada. 
It's possible to make a superior, clean product at a fair price point, provide value for people all around the world - right from a rural, maritime town. We accept the challenge.

We make our products to be: 
- Healthy and safe for your skin 
- High quality and effective in all climates, conditions
- Friendly to the environment 


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