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As a practical matter, many things we buy only come packaged in plastic. We need more genuinely sustainable options so Organic Essence began developing and using paper packaging. Our packages don’t leach phthalates and other toxic chemicals to contaminate the product. Paper is recycled the most and feeds small life when it isn’t recycled.

 “Inexornaturals will allow you the opportunity to experience superior support and industry expertise while earning substantial revenue as you help others in achieving health and wellness! If you are interested in distributing or becoming a reseller of Inexornaturals, please inquire today by filling out the form below.”


Vocational service centre providing supportive vocational skill development and employment opportunities for members of our community with cognitive and physical challenges.
InexorNaturals customers are health-conscious consumers seeking organic, plant-based, whole food products. The protection is therefore immediate.
The range of sunscreens developed by Inexornaturals exclusively contain organic ingredients of natural origin, guaranteed without endocrine disruptors.
Mineral filters without nanoparticles remain on the surface of the skin and reflect UV rays like mirrors rather than transforming them.
Inexornaturals Program allows you to earn revenue quickly and easily through your blog, or e-newsletter.
We use Kelp that is raw, natural, vegan friendly, unprocessed, and packed full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

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What we really do?

Our mission is to be the premier authority regarding pH balance in all aspects of our living environment. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in all product production and development while informing on the importance of “Maintaining Health…Not Sickness”.

Maintain Health … Not Sickness. That’s what it’s all about. It’s the reason why we are committed to inspire well-being (from the inside out). We strive for SMILES. We profit from POSITIVITY. We hold our HEALTH and HAPPINESS in our HEARTS. We are a TEAM. We are a FAMILY.

A portion of our proceeds are lovingly donated to the Gift of Life International to help save the lives of children in need all over the world. Only fuels the body nutritionally but also fuels a movement of philanthropic change and impact social responsibilities.